A Commemoration of Viet Dzung: The Icon, The Activist, The Leader died

I know I won’t be able to do justice for the memory of Viet Dzung in just one blog article. He has done so much for the Vietnamese community, both abroad and domestically, that it would be impossible to capture the man’s greatness with so few words. Not only was Viet Dzung a philanthropist, he was also a leader of his community, and an entertainment icon beloved by almost all members of the Vietnamese community overseas.

The late musician was born in Saigon on September 8, 1958 when the Vietnam War was heating up – a tumultuous time that shaped his life profoundly. Coming of age amidst adversity, Viet Dzung left Vietnam following the Communist takeover and arrived in the United States in 1976 seeking refuge and freedom.During his time in America, Viet Dzung utilized his immense talents as a gifted singer and songwriter to express his deep love for Vietnam and longing for its liberation.

His melodies resonated with those who shared similar experiences or yearned for their homeland from afar. What made him truly unique was his ability to effortlessly transition between writing songs in both Vietnamese and English languages; however, what may come as a surprise is how astonishingly adept he became at composing country music.Viet Dzung’s proficiency defied expectations but revealed yet another layer of his multifaceted artistry. Through heartfelt lyrics accompanied by soulful melodies rooted deeply within American culture, he bridged gaps between communities while staying true to himself and retaining strong ties with his roots.

In the 1990’s, Viet Dzung gained popularity through his programs on Little Saigon Radio, and subsequently Radio Bolsa as well. Concurrently, Viet Dzung became the host of Truc Ho’s Asia Music program, making him a sensation among Vietnamese listeners and viewers. His soothing voice resonated through the airwaves, captivating audiences with his vibrant personality and impeccable hosting skills. Viet Dzung’s prominence in the entertainment business has made him a Vietnamese icon; he is adored by fans far and wide for being not only an exceptional entertainer but also a remarkable human being.However, it is not solely his success in showbiz that makes Viet Dzung beloved by everyone who crosses paths with him.

The boundless admiration and respect that he commands stem from his selflessness, unwavering devotion to others, and ingenuity as a leader of the Vietnamese community. Mr. Dzung’s love for his fellow countrymen knows no bounds; he tirelessly worked to uplift those in need within his community.Viet Dzung was very active in various charitable events throughout Little Saigon – volunteering countless hours of his time to make a positive impact on people’s lives. He also took it upon himself to organize many charity initiatives independently while simultaneously acting as a guest speaker at local schools and youth shelters.Beyond philanthropy, Viet Dzung played an instrumental role in advocating for human rights within Vietnam. As a prominent catalyst for change in the struggle against authoritarianism under the Communist Party regime back home, 

As a close friend and ally of Mr. Truc Ho, Viet Dzung played a prominent role with Truc Ho in planning and executing the countless human rights campaigns that we have witnessed over the past decade, but especially in just the last few years. Viet Dzung is a staple leader of the SBTN television Network and has been a mentor to so many young professionals and emerging leaders throughout his lifetime. It is for this reason, his willingness to give, and give, and give, all without asking for anything in return, that has gained him the love and admiration of so many Vietnamese overseas who were deeply moved by his selflessness. It is no exaggeration to say that he was an inspiration to all those who had the privilege of knowing him or learning from him.

Viet Dzung’s death two Fridays ago on December 20th, 2013 at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital sent shockwaves throughout Vietnamese communities in the Western Hemisphere. The news of his passing spread rapidly as people struggled to come to terms with losing such an extraordinary individual. At only 55 years old when he passed away due to a longtime heart ailment that finally overtook him far too soon.The loss of Mr. Viet Dzung can be felt not just within Vietnamese communities but also resonates deeply within Vietnam itself; it is truly an immeasurable loss. His dedication towards fighting for human rights brought about significant changes in both perception and reality throughout Vietnam’s landscape.Viet Dzung gave tirelessly without seeking recognition or reward

Dzung died Friday from heart disease. December 23, 2013 at 9:04 a.m

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