Thomas Capano dies: Thomas Capano cause of death

Tom Capano, a prominent attorney who was convicted of killing the secretary of the Delaware governor, has been discovered deceased in his prison cell. This news was confirmed on Monday by officials, and Capano was 61 at the time of his passing.

In 1996, Capano, a former deputy attorney general of Delaware and member of a prominent family, made headlines for the murder of Anne Marie Fahey, then-scheduling secretary for Delaware Gov. Thomas R. Carper. Capano was convicted of shooting Fahey after she ended their affair. Carper is now Delaware’s senior senator.

Notorious Delaware attorney convicted for murder has been found dead in jail after more than 12 years behind bars. The late Thomas Capano was infamous for his scandalous trial involving the murder of his mistress.

David Capano, 61, was found unresponsive in his cell on Monday afternoon and was pronounced dead of natural causes. His body has been turned over to the State Medical Examiner’s Office as part of standard protocol. Foul play is not suspected.

Capano was the last person seen alive with Anne Marie Fahey, who went missing in June 1996. She was the scheduling secretary to then-Governor Thomas Carper, and her disappearance sparked a widespread community search. Capano was a key figure in the investigation.

Extensive searches were conducted at Fahey’s apartment and Capano’s home. However, it took over a year for Capano to be arrested and charged with Fahey’s murder. Prior to his arrest, Capano’s brother, Gerard, informed investigators that he assisted his brother in disposing of a body off the Jersey shore.

Thomas Capano’s long-awaited trial began in the fall of 1998, a year after his indictment. The prosecution’s star witness was a Delaware fisherman who discovered a floating cooler and kept it for himself. The shocking evidence was presented in court, leaving the jury stunned.

Capano attempted to frame one of his other lovers for Fahey’s death, but was found guilty of murder by a jury in January 1999. Judge Bill Lee, now retired, then imposed a death sentence on Capano. However, years later questions on the proper authority to issue a death sentence arose, leading to Capano’s removal from death row.

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