Daniel Lambert dies: The Story Of Daniel Lambert

Meet Daniel Lambert, the heaviest man in recorded history who weighed a whopping 739 pounds (335 kg) at the time of his death at age 39 on June 21, 1809. Although his cause of death is still a mystery, it is suspected to have been a heart attack or stroke.

Meet Daniel Lambert, born on March 13, 1770 in Leicester. Despite none of his immediate family members being overweight, Daniel grew to an extraordinary size. Curious about his genetics? His uncle and aunt on his father’s side were also heavyset. Sadly, his gamekeeper uncle passed away while Daniel was still a baby. The rest of the Lambert family included another son who died in youth and two daughters who are of average stature and still alive today.

Discovering his love for field sports at a young age, the subject of this memoir had a natural inclination towards these diversions. Growing up surrounded by horses, dogs, and cocks, and encouraged even in childhood, it’s no surprise that he developed a passion for all aspects of sporting activities. Find out how his family played a role in shaping his interests.

Young Lambert was raised by his parents until he turned fourteen, at which point he was sent to Birmingham to learn the trade of a die-sinker and engraver with Benjamin Patrick at Taylor & Co. Unfortunately, the flourishing establishment was destroyed in the 1791 riots which also had a significant impact on Dr. Priestly.

Lambert’s chosen profession was in the business of luxury goods, specifically buckles and buttons. However, due to shifts in fashion, there was suddenly no demand for these items, and many people, including Lambert, lost their jobs. Despite only being four years into his apprenticeship, Lambert had to seek a different way to make a living.

After leaving Birmingham, he returned to his father in Leicester, who was the prison keeper. At the young age of nineteen, he didn’t think he would become excessively heavy, despite his extraordinary muscular power. He was even capable of lifting heavy weights and carrying five hundred pounds with ease. However, if he had put his strength to use, he could have been an incredibly powerful man.

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