Rocky Shahan dies: Wiki Bio, Married, Dating, Family


4 Mar 1919

Denton, Denton County, Texas, USA


8 Dec 1981 (aged 62)

Shady Shores, Denton County, Texas, USA

This actor, singer and stuntman has left a lasting legacy for his memorable character roles in classic western films and television series. He portrayed henchmen, shotgun riders, cowboys, stage drivers, townsmen, vigilantes, gang members, posse riders and outlaws, often without credit. However, he’ll be most famously recognized for his role as ‘Jim Younger’ in the western film “Woman They Almost Lynched” (1953). Directed by Allan Dwan and written for the screen by Steve Fisher, this movie was based on a story by Michael Fessier from the Saturday Evening Post. The story is set on the Missouri-Arkansas border, where the neutral Border City, headed by a female mayor and city council, refuse to take sides in the ongoing Civil War and are prepared to hang any troublemaker, be they Yankee or Confederate.

Robert Ray Shahan, best known as “Joe Scarlet” from the classic western series “Rawhide,” played the role for 180 episodes from 1959 to 1965. He starred alongside Clint Eastwood and a talented cast of drovers, cooks, and other assorted characters who were led by Gil Favor on a continuous cattle drive. Aside from his television role, Shahan had an extensive acting career, which included a debut in the western film “Son of Zorro” and roles in films such as “Johnny Guitar” and “Cattle Empire.” Born in Denton, Texas, Shahan served honorably as a Sergeant in World War II before pursuing his passion for acting. His legacy as “Joe Scarlet” will always be remembered as a cornerstone of western television.

Actor and stuntman, this talented individual was known for his roles in various western television series and films. He played a rare integral and speaking part as Dodge’s stagecoach driver in an episode of “Gunsmoke,” which aired on October 19, 1957. He also served as a stunt double for many notable actors and appeared in films such as “Johnny Guitar” and “Ambush at Cimarron Pass.” His last television role was in a Western series called “The Guns of Will Sonnet.” In addition to acting, he sang in the romantic film drama “A By The Law.” He died at the age of 62 in Shady Shores, Texas, where he lived with his wife, Sarah Mary Callam Shahan.

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