Robert Jasper Baker cause of death

At just fifteen years old, Robert was taken from us on August 16, 1933. His life was cut short, but it was not without challenges. When he fell out of a car at the age of three, he was left with a leg in a cast. Only later, when the cast was removed, did they discover that one of his legs was shorter than the other.

The life story of Robert Kermit “Jackie” Baker, born in 1918, is shrouded in mystery. Little is known about his tragic childhood, however, his sister Berniece claims in her book about Marilyn Monroe that their brother was simply “unlucky”. Considering current child welfare standards, Social Services may have looked into Jackie’s unfortunate “accidents” as possible abuse. It’s worth noting that there is no birth certificate for this child, suggesting that his parents concealed his date of birth to avoid connecting it to their wedding date. It is believed that little Jackie was born in January of 1918, but the absence of documentation raises questions. His sister recalls a childhood story that suggests Jackie almost lost an eye due to his parent’s arguments that led to broken glass. Another injury occurred when he was three years old, falling from a car while his parents were arguing, resulting in a limp. Despite the scarce information available, Jackie’s story is both mysterious and sad.

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