Ray Gricar cause of death

In 1996, Roy Gricar, a recent retiree, left his home to purchase mulch and never returned. His car was later discovered at a park in Dayton, Ohio, close to the Great Miami River. Tragically, Roy’s body was recovered from the river, and authorities concluded that he had taken his own life due to long-standing depression.

Discover the life of Ray Frank Gricar, born on October 9, 1945, in Cleveland, Ohio. Raised in the bustling Collinwood neighborhood, Gricar pursued law at the esteemed Case Western Reserve University School to fulfill his passion. There he excelled and achieved his Juris Doctor degree.

Ray, characterized as composed, astute, and motivated, relocated to State College, Pennsylvania, and was chosen as the district attorney of Centre County in 1985. With four successive re-elections, his dedication and expertise were widely renowned until his retirement announcement in 2005.

Ray’s family had a special place in his heart, and he was known for his dry sense of humor. A dedicated follower of the Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Indians, Ray was proud to be a lifelong fan. Despite being divorced twice, he shared a close bond with his adopted daughter, Lara, who he had with his first wife.

During April of 2005, Ray exhibited typical behavior except for an increase in napping and an interest in wiping his laptop’s hard drive.

At the time, it wasn’t deemed odd that Ray would take such precautions. After all, he was a highly-respected professional who was due to retire soon. It was only logical that he would take the necessary steps to remove any confidential data related to the numerous cases he had been involved with over the years from his work computer provided by the county.

In 2005, Ray indulged in his favorite pastime of taking a leisurely drive to unwind and declutter his mind. However, little did he know that this seemingly ordinary activity would later cause him major concern.

The day after, Ray’s car was discovered in a gravel parking lot situated near the Susquehanna River, 45 miles away from his residence in Bellefonte. The parking lot is diagonally opposite an antique mall that’s on the edge of Lewisburg. His vehicle was locked, and his cellphone was turned off and left inside. Ray’s laptop, keys, and wallet were absent as well.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that Ray had recently purchased software designed to wipe his computer’s hard drive prior to his absence. Furthermore, a search history on their shared home computer contained concerning inquiries such as “how to fry a hard drive,” “how to wreck a hard drive,” and “water damage to a notebook computer.” These troubling findings shed light on potential motives and further emphasize the need for a thorough investigation.

The sudden disappearance of Ray left investigators and family members bewildered. Despite thorough investigation, there were no findings of insidious activity, as there was no evidence of foul play. Furthermore, there were no indications pointing towards Ray wanting to change his life or feeling hopeless.

At a press conference shortly after Ray vanished, Lara remarked, “My heart aches deeply, very deeply for your presence.”

Ray’s Girlfriend Pleading for His Return, Former DA Challenges Suicide Theory

Patty, Ray’s girlfriend, has a heartfelt plea for her missing partner to come back home. She expresses her deep love and longing for him, urging him to call them as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Bob Buehner, Ray’s friend and the former Montour County district attorney, questions the suicide theory and believes there could be more to the story.

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