Hendrix Bassist Noel Redding Dies at 57

Noel Redding, a talented musician who left an indelible mark on the music world, sadly passed away at the age of 57 in his home in Clonakilty, Ireland. The news sent shockwaves through the industry as people mourned the loss of one of Jimi Hendrix’s trusted band members. As one of the two Englishmen who formed part of the iconic Jimi Hendrix Experience, Redding’s bass playing brought a unique energy and rhythm to their performances. While his cause of death remained unknown at that time according to his manager Ian Grant, it was evident that Redding had left behind an incredible legacy.

The story of how Noel Redding became a member of this legendary band began in 1966 when Chas Chandler, famed bassist for The Animals, discovered Hendrix performing in a New York club. Impressed by Jimi’s remarkable talent and charismatic stage presence, Chandler decided to bring him back to England where he would have more opportunities to thrive as an artist. It was during this pivotal moment that fate intervened for Mr. Redding.Coinciding with Hendrix’s arrival in London, Noel found himself auditionsing as a guitarist for what would become known as The New Animals — little did he know what lay ahead for him. In a twist of destiny orchestrated by Chandler himself, he extended an offer to Noel: instead of strumming guitar strings alongside Eric Burdon and company, why not play bass beside this extraordinary new talent?

Though trained as a guitarist, Mr. Redding had a bass style whose steady, unembellished lines stood in stark contrast to Hendrix’s pyrotechnics and the jazzy drumming of Mitch Mitchell, and provided a solidity to the band’s sound. His skillful playing was like an unwavering anchor amidst the explosive creativity that emanated from Hendrix’s fingertips and Mitchell’s intricate rhythms. Not only did Mr. Redding possess exceptional musical abilities, but he also possessed a look that perfectly complemented his role within the group. With his dandyish flair in dress and an untamed tuft of hair that gracefully coexisted alongside Hendrix’s iconic Afro, he exuded an aura of effortless coolness on stage.Inextricably linked with Jimi Hendrix during one of rock music’s most groundbreaking decades, Mr. Redding lent his talents to some of the most revolutionary albums ever created in the 1960s. One such album was ”Are You Experienced?”, which not only marked the debut for both Hendrix and his band but swiftly climbed its way to No. 5 on charts across America in 1967—a testament to its immense popularity among listeners hungry for something new and extraordinary.This album has since become one of those timeless pillars upon which rock guitar stands today – forever etching its place within music history books as a masterpiece crafted by these trailblazers who dared to push boundaries further than ever before witnessed by human ears alone

The group made two more albums, ”Axis: Bold as Love” and ”Electric Ladyland,” but Mr. Redding grew tired of Hendrix’s excesses and quit in 1969. Despite their creative collaborations on these albums, it seemed that the overpowering whirlwind surrounding Hendrix took its toll on Redding’s spirit. However, even after parting ways with the Experience, Noel Redding refused to let his musical journey fade into obscurity.

He embarked on a new endeavor by forming his own band called Fat Mattress, which showcased his unique songwriting skills and brought forth two albums during the late 60s and early 70s. Unfortunately, commercial success eluded him at this time.Undeterred by setbacks, Noel Redding continued to explore different sonic landscapes by establishing another band known as the Noel Redding Band. Within this project, he unleashed his creativity once again and released two more albums that embodied his unwavering dedication to music. Although these records failed to gain widespread recognition or dominate charts like those of The Jimi Hendrix Experience did previously; they still carried an undeniable authenticity that resonated with loyal fans who appreciated Redding’s distinctive style.Throughout the years following their separation from one another professionally, both Hendrix and Redding crossed paths occasionally due to their shared history together. Noel would periodically tour solo or alongside other notable musicians while also appearing at numerous events held in honor of Jimi Hendrix – a testament to the deep bond forged between them

Mr. Redding, a remarkable musician and true icon of soul music, had an unfortunate brush with injustice in the early 1970s when he found himself entangled in an unfair contract that forced him to sell his valuable royalty rights. Despite this setback, Mr. Redding’s determination and unwavering belief in fairness propelled him on a relentless pursuit for what he rightfully deserved – his fair share. This arduous battle consumed years of his life as he fought tooth and nail to rectify the past wrongs inflicted upon him. Tragically, this quest was still ongoing at the time of his untimely demise. However, even beyond death, Mr. Redding leaves behind not just an extraordinary musical legacy but also loved ones who will remember him fondly; namely, his brother Anthony and sister Vicki – individuals who undoubtedly provided support throughout these trying times with their unwavering love and loyalty.

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