Max Wright Dies: veteran TV actor and Willie Tanner on ALF, was 75

After a protracted cancer struggle, veteran actor Max Wright, best remembered for playing the father in the 1980s sitcom ALF, passed away today. At the age of 75, he passed away in his Hermosa Beach, California, home.

On the puppet-driven sitcom, which aired on NBC for four seasons, Wright played Willie Tanner.

Wright’s passing was verified to TMZ by his family. After a battle with cancer, the actor allegedly passed away at his Hermosa Beach, California, home. Wright had lymphoma, but it had been in remission since his 1995 diagnosis.

Over the course of a three-decade acting career, Wright appeared on a wide range of shows, including Cheers, Taxi, WKRP in Cincinnati, and Mad About You. In addition, he acted in the miniseries version of Stephen King’s The Stand as well as Reds and Bob Fosse’s All That Jazz.

Wright’s stage career was extensive in addition to his work in film. In 1998, he was nominated for a Tony Award for his portrayal in Anton Chekhov’s Ivanov.

His performance as a social worker and patriarch on the television series ALF, where his family hosts a cat-eating alien, is what makes him most well-known. The NBC sitcom, which aired for four seasons from 1986 and 1990, has cemented its place in popular culture.

Linda Ybarrondo, Wright’s wife, passed away in 2017. In 1965, the couple was married, and they went on to have two kids.

Wright had a Lymphoma diagnosis in 1995, but the disease later entered remission.

He left behind his two children, Daisy and Ben, and passed away at home in Hermosa Beach, California. He married Linda Ybarrondo in 1965, and she passed away two years ago.

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