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Mary McCarty, an accomplished American actress, singer, dancer, and comedian, is best recognized for her role as a nurse on the classic TV series, Trapper John M.D. Her illustrious career began when she was cast in musical revues in Los Angeles at the age of 5, where she performed alongside some of Hollywood’s greatest child actresses. McCarty went on to star in a variety of films, including The French Line and All That Jazz, while tallying up an impressive 75 screen credits before the age of 11. Later in life, she appeared in notable films such as Somebody Killed Her Husband.

Learn about Mary McCarty’s background: ethnicity, nationality, ancestry, and race. While public resources like IMDb and Wikipedia note that her ethnicity is unknown, we’ll update this article with information about her religion and political views soon. McCarty’s diverse talents as a performer, noted by Billboard reviewer Bill Riley in 1948, include singing, dancing, and acting. Discover more about this versatile star.

Mary McCarty’s audition for the original Broadway production of Follies in 1970 was exactly what producer/director Harold Prince and casting director Joanna Merlin wanted. They sought an actress/singer with a connection to a bygone era. Despite not appearing in a Broadway musical since 1950, McCarty’s past made her a desirable candidate in the audition room. She sang four times, and the casting team wasn’t sure which role she would fit best. McCarty’s agent also contacted the Hal Prince office, mentioning that they heard “varied ages” were being considered for the production. Despite the circumstances, McCarty’s audition was a success, and she was cast in the production.

Follies revolves around a reunion of experienced showgirls on the hallowed stage of Weissman Theatre. These veterans, who graced the follies every year between the two world wars, comprise four of the top billed performers and are strategically chosen to appeal to Follies’ target audience. Additionally, the past of one of the stars, McCarty, is particularly eventful, adding another layer of intrigue to the production.

One of the most popular and wealthy actresses in the entertainment industry is Mary McCarty, who has amassed a net worth of $5 million according to various sources, including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.

McCarty’s wide range as a performer was commended by Billboard reviewer Bill Riley in September 1948. Riley praised her ability to sing novelty or torch songs, perform dance routines, and act sketches in a way that was reminiscent of musical theater icon Ethel Merman.

During the golden age of radio, McCarty starred in the popular comedy series The Redhead (1952) and appeared regularly on This Is Broadway (1949). She also made appearances on television, including a recurring role as nurse Clara Willoughby in Trapper John, M.D. (1979). McCarty was a regular on the variety shows Admiral Broadway Revue (1949) and The Arthur Murray Party (1950).

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