Larry Crabb dies: Christian Counselor

Renowned Christian counselor, Larry Crabb, sought out a profound spiritual approach to care-giving – and we mourn his passing on February 28 at the age of 77.

Discover the inspiring journey of Crabb – from a clinical psychologist to a renowned author of over 25 enlightening books. His teachings on biblical counseling and spiritual direction will help you see the beauty in your brokenness and find a path towards God’s new creation. Explore his bestsellers such as Effective Biblical Counseling, Inside Out, Shattered Dreams, Pressure’s Off, and SoulTalk.

“An aching soul is evidence of realism, not of neurosis or of spiritual immaturity,” observed Crabb. “Everyone’s life has an aching beneath the surface, especially the more mature individuals. It can be overlooked, covered up, mislabeled, or overwhelmed by a flurry of activity, but it won’t go away. And with good cause. We were created to live in a more ideal world than this.

Discover Spiritual Direction Through the Legacy of Larry Crabb

Larry Crabb revolutionized biblical counseling and made spiritual direction accessible to countless evangelicals. Join us for seminars and events hosted by his organization, NewWay Ministries, or learn from his extensive teaching at Colorado Christian University. Explore the transformative power of spiritual direction and carry on Crabb’s legacy.

Dr. Larry Crabb entered Heaven early on Sunday morning, his ministry, Larger Story, stated in a statement posted yesterday on Facebook. “It is with great sadness and astonishing joy that we tell you of Dr. Larry Crabb’s arrival in Heaven early Sunday morning,” the statement read.

“Heartache because we already miss him so much, and heartfelt delight because we each have a faint sense of just how much he is now enjoying the great celebration and perfect rest of his life in the presence of the Trinity.”

Discover the counseling pioneer who revolutionized the process of overcoming mental illness – with just a simple idea. Roy Crabb’s groundbreaking approach showed clients how to combat harmful beliefs by drawing from the wisdom of the Bible. Rather than relying on traditional diagnostic techniques, Crabb emphasized the power of genuine friendship in helping individuals overcome their behavioral problems. Uncover the heart of his transformative counseling method, which continues to change lives today.

Crabb’s legacy lives on through his wife, Rachael, sons Kep and Ken, and five beloved grandchildren.

The death of Dr. Larry Crabb, one of our staunchest supporters and friends, shocked the CCU community, according to a statement posted online by CCU president Dr. Donald W. Sweeting. For many years, he served the CCU community as a leader, an educator, and a spiritual counsellor. He was passionate about helping individuals change their lives through solid Christian counselling and Christ-centered, biblically based psychology. All of us here at Colorado Christian University will miss him dearly.

Remembering an Influential Figure: Dr. Crabb’s 30-year Legacy at CCU

During his three decades at CCU, Dr. Crabb was a cornerstone of the community. He collaborated with six university presidents, guided countless students, and played a crucial role in shaping the esteemed clinical mental health counseling program. In the wake of his passing, Twitter was abuzz with heartfelt remembrances of the impact he had on so many lives.

In 1917, Crabb’s grandfather Charlie passed away during the flu pandemic. As he was on his deathbed, his wife Laura was struggling to come to terms with his passing. However, something miraculous happened – on the day of his demise, Charlie comforted Laura by wrapping his arms around her and whispering: “Laura, Laura, don’t cry. Hush, God is in it.” This powerful moment reminds us that even in our darkest times, there is hope and comfort to be found.

Lepine remarked, “I don’t know what Larry Crabb’s final seconds were like. But I’m aware that he dedicated his life to helping the hurting and reassuring them that God is present even in the difficult circumstances of life.

CCU to honor Crabb with on-campus memorial.

In a recent announcement, CCU has revealed plans to host an on-campus memorial honoring the life of Crabb. Following Easter, the university is inviting supporters to come together and pay their respects to the family of Crabb. Join us in prayer as we remember and celebrate the inspiring legacy left behind by this remarkable individual.

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