Joe Cole cause of death

Joe Cole, son of actor Dennis Cole, resided with his close friend, actor and musician Henry Rollins, in Oakwood, a predominantly Black and Hispanic neighborhood in Venice Beach, California. Dubbed the “Ghost Town” portion of Venice, the area was notorious for crime and a general lack of safety. Despite this, Joe and Henry chose to document the struggles of homeless Vietnam veterans living in the area from their home.

In 1991, Joe and Henry enjoyed a rock concert at the renowned Whisky A Go-Go night club in West Hollywood and grabbed some essentials from an all-night market afterward. However, upon returning home, they were met with a harrowing encounter with armed intruders. One of the assailants held Henry on his knees, while the other demanded Joe to lay face down on the floor, threatening to kill them if they screamed. The robbers took all the cash they had left, which was less than $50.

Recognized for his portrayal as John Shelby in “Peaky Blinders” and an array of other characters such as Charlie in “Pure”, Billy Moore in “A Prayer Before Dawn”, Frank in “Black Mirror”, and Luke in “Skins”, Joe Cole stands as a distinguished British actor in the entertainment industry.

Joseph Michael Cole, the eldest of five siblings, was born on November 28th, 1988 in London’s Kingston district. Growing up in Kingston exposed Joe to diverse cultures, attending school amongst a mix of suburban and inner-city London residents. His upbringing provided him a unique perspective on life which has proven beneficial to his acting career. Joe has lived in both Kensington and Brixton districts in South London.

Despite struggling academically in college, Joe’s ambition to succeed remained strong. He was forced to retake his 6th form, which had been taken over by his brother’s peers. In order to make ends meet, he began selling coffee and carpets while his former classmates moved on to university. However, it wasn’t until the age of 22 that Joe’s fortunes began to change. Drama had been a passion of his since school, and his secondary school drama teacher encouraged him to apply to the prestigious National Youth Theatre. With renewed confidence and determination, Joe found the success he had been searching for.

As Joe embarked on his career, he landed his initial work assignment under the guidance of esteemed director Rikki Beadle-Blair. This golden opportunity presented itself as a one-night show, situated in the bustling West End district. Harnessing this chance, Joe invited all the agents within his network to witness his remarkable talents. Additionally, he has also secured a significant role in the acclaimed play entitled “The Knowledge”, spearheaded by Charlotte Gwinner at the Bush Theatre. This masterpiece was crafted by the renowned John Donnelly and boasted the talents of Joanne Froggatt, Christopher Simpson, Kerron Darby, and Holli Dempsey as fellow cast members.

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