jeremy carter dies: grandson Jeremy Carter, was 28

Jimmy Carter’s grandson Jeremy Carter passed away at the age of 28.

At his Sunday school lesson at Plains, Georgia’s Maranatha Baptist Church, Jimmy Carter announced the news. Carter revealed two weeks ago at the same church that his brain cancer treatments had rendered him cancer-free.

Josh adds that “a whole battery of tests just a couple months ago” were performed on Jeremy.

He had trouble eating, and his legs hurt. Nearly all of the Emory medical staff examined him. He ultimately received prescriptions for vitamins A and D. and all that. He completed the entire task and only required vitamins. Shouldn’t that have been discovered if a 28-year-old’s heart is likely to stop? Perhaps, but they didn’t,” says Josh.

Jimmy, who earlier this month revealed he was cancer-free, told the congregation that his grandson wasn’t feeling well on Saturday when he went to take a nap at his family’s Peachtree City, Georgia, home. His heart had stopped when his mother, Annette, went to check on him. After being brought to a hospital, he passed away early on Sunday.

“Jeremy was in Trauma 1 in the ER,” writes Josh. “He didn’t respond. He was under the weather. His body was malfunctioning. He was in pain. He was in yellow. Later, I learn that he had a heart attack when alone in the kitchen with our mother at home. Until the paramedics arrived and transported him to the ER, my lovely mother had to perform CPR on him.

Fayette County Coroner C.J. Mowell Jr. informed The Associated Press on Monday that the exact reason of Jeremy’s passing is still unknown and that the matter is still being investigated. The office of the state medical examiner is assisting.

Just hours after Jeremy’s passing, Jimmy opened out to his Sunday school class and referred to his grandson as “a very special child” and “a wonderful young man whom we loved very much,” according to NBC News.

The Journal-Constitution cited a few of Carter’s Sunday remarks as follows:

Even in the midst of grief, Carter urged churchgoers to “be filled with a sense of gladness and appreciation.

He answered, “I ought to be glad and grateful to God for giving me both life and freedom.”

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