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Jack Daniel, founder of the famous Jack Daniel Distillery, passed away on October 10, 1911 at age 61, due to blood poisoning. The reason behind his condition is still debated today; while the most popular theory is that Daniel broke his toe after angrily kicking a safe he couldn’t open, causing an infection, his biographer disagrees. Michael Veach argues that Daniel had been suffering from gangrene in his foot for years, ultimately causing the infection that led to his death. Regardless of the cause, the Jack Daniel Distillery suffered greatly from Daniel’s untimely passing, taking until the 1950s to regain momentum.

Meet Jack Daniel – the youngest of ten children born to Lucinda and Calaway Daniel in a devout Primitive Baptist family. With Welsh, Scottish, and Irish ancestry, Jack’s heritage is as rich as it gets!

Although his birthdate remains a mystery due to a town fire that destroyed his birth records, sources suggest he was born in January 1849. Nonetheless, it’s a long-standing tradition to celebrate his birthday on September 5th.

After losing his mother to childbirth complications, Jack’s father remarried and had three more children with Matilda Vanzant. Despite adversity, Jack’s steadfast faith and strong family bonds have shaped him into the remarkable person he is today.

Meet Jack Daniel – the youngest of ten siblings born to Lucinda and Calaway Daniel, and raised in the Primitive Baptist Church. Jack’s roots trace back to Welsh, Scottish, and Irish descent, with his grandparents immigrating to America in the late 18th Century. Despite his obscure beginnings, Jack’s birthday is celebrated on September 5th, believed to customarily honor his birth year of 1849, with official records being lost in a town fire. Tragically, Jack’s mother passed away during childbirth, leading to his father’s remarriage to Matilda Vanzant, with whom he had three additional children.

Established in 1866, the distillery began its whiskey production in 1875, under the guidance of Jack Daniel. The following year saw the birth of the iconic Old No. 7, whose mysterious numerical significance has remained unresolved till date.

Despite never marrying, Jack Daniel took his nephew, Lem Motlow, under his wing and appointed him as the first proprietor of the distillery. As Jack’s health declined, he gifted the distillery to both of his nephews, but Lemuel eventually bought out his relative’s share and became the sole owner of the renowned Jack Daniel Distillery. After dedicating 40 years to the distillery’s success, Lem passed away in 1947, leaving behind a lasting legacy.

In 1884, founder Jack Daniel acquired the land currently occupied by our distillery. He remained at its helm until 1907, at which point he passed the torch to his nephew, Lemuel “Lew” Motlow, who successfully managed the operation for four decades. In 1910, Motlow spearheaded a legal battle that reached the Tennessee Supreme Court, defying the statewide alcohol prohibition that had recently taken effect and pushing forward the cherished legacy of Jack Daniel’s distillery.

After relocating production to St. Louis, Missouri, and Birmingham, Alabama, the company struggled to match the quality of its Tennessee whiskey. These states were subject to similar restrictions, but after years of repeal efforts and legal adjustments, the distillery opened for business in 1947 with success.

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