hiawayi robinson dies: Betrayed By The Ones There To Protect

MOLLE, ALBERTA: A father who viciously raped and killed his 8-year-old daughter received a 100-year sentence. The 2014 murder of Hiawayi Robinson was revisited in the most recent episode of Investigation Discovery’s “See No Evil” on Wednesday, June 17. The episode brought back the case’s horrifying details. According to AL, the victim’s father, Hiawatha Robinson, was charged with first-degree sodomy and criminal murder in connection with the death of his daughter. 

On the afternoon of September 16, 2014, Hiawayi came home from school and got a call from her dad telling her to go to her cousin’s house where he was staying because he wanted to give her $150 for her birthday. Hiawayi informed Brenda Populus, her grandma, that she would be meeting her father. Sgt. Robert Martin of the Prichard Police Department recalled that when they spoke to the victim’s cousin, she claimed that he wasn’t at home when the 8-year-old visited. Hiawayi never went back to her mother’s and grandmother’s home after that. She had never arrived at the pick-up location, her father informed her frightened grandmother. 

At 10 p.m. on the same day, Populus called the police to report her missing. Hundreds of individuals took involved in the hunt for the missing youngster, including locals, law enforcement officials, and KlassKids Foundation volunteers. Two days later, her partially-naked body was eventually discovered in a trash heap close to the defendant’s workplace. While searching the area for evidence, law enforcement officers gathered two black duct tape pieces and two transparent hair beads off the road. A startled public wanted justice, and even Hiawatha played the part of a grieving father to perfection by participating in media interviews and pleading for the identification of his daughter’s attacker.

Police didn’t start spotting inconsistencies in Hiawatha’s story of his daughter’s abduction until they began tracking the victim’s activities. According to Agent Deric Taylor of the State Bureau of Investigations, one of the security videos showed the child standing inside Best Future, a convenience store and gas station in a strip mall, conversing with a customer in queue and purchasing Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. 

As Taylor recounted Hiawayi’s body, the maternal relatives of Hiawayi sat on a front-row bench in the courtroom, sobbing quietly. During the hearing, one family member was so distraught that she bolted from the courtroom.

“It was the first time they had heard a graphic description of how she was found and the position of her body,” said Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich following the hearing on Monday. Therefore, today was incredibly difficult for them.

Hiawatha Robinson is being jailed at the Mobile County Metro Jail on a bail of $500,000. She is accused of first-degree sodomy and criminal homicide. The district attorney’s office in Mobile County thinks that Hiawayi passed away as a result of a sexual assault.

Despite being polluted, an anal sample that tested positive for seminal fluid, according to Taylor. According to Taylor, the swab could not be used for DNA testing.

Hiawayi’s death was determined to be a homicide, but Taylor said at the hearing that “the exact mechanism of the death is unknown.”

The day she vanished, Hiawayi attended class. At 3:30 p.m., she went back to her flat at St Stephens Woods Apartments, 3425 St Stephens Road.

Hiawayi changed into dry clothing when she got home because it had been raining. Taylor reported that she received a 17-minute call from her father.

Following the call, Hiawayi informed her grandma Brenda Populus that she would meet her father at her cousin’s flat to get $150 as a birthday gift from him, according to Taylor.

Additionally residing at St. Stephens Woods Apartments is Hiawayi’s cousin.

Hiawayi’s cousin admitted to authorities that she was not at home when Hiawayi would have visited her flat, according to Prichard authorities Department Sgt. Robert Martin.

Following Hiawayi’s disappearance, a team of detectives that included FBI agents started attempting to retrace her steps.

According to Taylor, tapes were found at two stores inside a strip mall at St. Stephens and Bear Fork roads. The strip mall is close to Hiawayi’s home.

On September 16 at 4:03 PM, a red sport utility vehicle can be seen turning left from St. Stephens Road into Bear Fork Road on surveillance footage from one of the strip mall’s stores. After making the bend, the SUV slipped out of the camera’s field of view, according to Taylor.

Taylor claimed that on the day Hiawayi vanished, her father was seen driving a red Chevrolet Tahoe that belonged to his girlfriend.

At 4:03 p.m., Taylor added, “we see the victim come from around the corner from the same direction that the SUV last appeared on camera.”

Taylor added that authorities had a warrant to search the woman’s house. He claimed that on September 16 at around 7 p.m., video from the woman’s home security system, including footage from inside her residence, was downloaded.

Hiawatha Robinson can be seen clutching a pair of trousers in the footage “in a manner to which he is trying not to get anything on him”, Taylor claimed.

Taylor claimed that despite searching the house, the trousers were not discovered.

According to Taylor, an FBI lab has received and is testing all of the material that has been gathered during the investigation. The testing, he claimed, is ongoing.

Hiawatha Robinson has been questioned by law police about his daughter five times. The officers who testified on Monday discussed the various accounts Hiawatha Robinson has given to them on his last encounter with his daughter.

Hiawatha Robinson claimed to an investigator that he told a colleague he was going to meet his daughter on September 16 in the afternoon so he could give her some cash for her birthday, Taylor said.

The last time Hiawatha Robinson saw his daughter was on September 12, according to information provided to law enforcement, Taylor said.

Hiawatha Robinson, according to Taylor, first cooperated with investigators but later on become “very agitated towards law enforcement.”

Before Hiawayi’s body was discovered, Hiawatha Robinson stopped responding to questions during an interview with an FBI agent, according to Taylor.

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