Elizabeth Salgado cause of death: How Did She Die?

Delving into the Unsolved Murder of Elizabeth Salgado: Understanding her Life and Tragic Demise. The mystery surrounding Elizabeth Salgado’s death remains unresolved to this day. Her short stay in the USA came to a brutal end when she disappeared in broad daylight in 2015 – her remains were discovered three years later. The gripping documentary “Disappeared: On a Mission” explores the events leading up to the tragedy, as well as the police investigation that followed. Let us take a closer look at Elizabeth’s life and what led to her tragic fate. Discover more about this compelling story here.

Elizabeth Elena Laguna-Salgado, hailing from Mexico, spent her childhood and youth in the United States. Following a Mormon mission in the US, she aspired to learn English and explore the country. Eager to avail better opportunities, the optimistic 26-year-old from Provo, Utah, enrolled in Nomen Global Language School for English language training. Sharing a room with her housemates, Elizabeth was well-liked among her classmates. Unfortunately, she disappeared on April 16, 2015, after being noticed last in the afternoon.

Upon leaving her house and heading back, Elizabeth disappeared without a trace, leaving her family and work without any contact. After three years, a man stumbled upon a shallow burial in Hobble Creek Canyon, Utah, containing the skull and clothing belonging to Elizabeth. The investigation determined that Elizabeth’s death was of a suspicious nature, although there were no signs of physical harm. The cause of death remains a mystery even today.

Elizabeth Salgado moved from Mexico to Provo, Utah to enhance her English language skills. She cherished her family and frequently communicated with them. However, Elizabeth’s mother became concerned when she couldn’t reach her daughter. Investigative efforts revealed that on April 16, Elizabeth was last observed leaving her school’s campus around 1 PM, presumably en route to her dwelling.

In April 30, human remains were discovered, but the family of Elizabeth was overjoyed when dental records confirmed that it wasn’t her. However, in May 2018, another set of remains were found in Hobble Creek Canyon, and unfortunately, they were identified as Elizabeth’s. Her death is being investigated as a homicide.

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