Della Sutorius cause of death

Dr. Darryl Sutorius, a respected heart surgeon in Cincinnati, was tragically found dead in his own home on February 19, 1996. Despite initial uncertainty surrounding his cause of death, investigations later revealed that he had been fatally shot. It was soon discovered that his wife, Dante Britteon, had purchased the weapon responsible for his murder and was the one who fired it on that fateful day. She was arrested for aggravated murder with prior calculation after gunshot residue tests and autopsy results further incriminated her.

Investigative findings on Dante Sutorius revealed that she went by the name “Dante” due to perceiving her birth name, “Della,” as sounding too African-American, and that her association with violent behavior was not new. Her ex-husbands testified to repeated death threats and incidents involving weapons, such as knives and guns. Her fourth husband mentioned being mentally abused and even going to the extremes of hiding bullets from his gun to prevent her from using them.

Dr. Sutorius’ investigation revealed that all the information Della/Dante had provided about herself was fabricated. She had falsely claimed to have graduated from UCLA and owned a day care when she never actually held a steady job and failed to complete high school. Additionally, her violent past and untruthfulness led to Dr. Sutorius’ decision to cut her out of his will and initiate divorce proceedings. Before his passing, he had intended to serve her with the necessary paperwork to have her evicted from their shared residence.

“I was looking through the book one day when the girl came in and said have I got a guy for you,” she recalled. Dr. Darryl Sutorius, a renowned cardiac and thoracic surgeon, was 54 years old and had just finalised the divorce from his wife of 30 years.

Despite a lingering heartache, a towering doctor weighing 260 pounds couldn’t resist falling head-over-heels for a petite divorcée.

Jerry Kunkel, the prosecutor for Hamilton County, said to “Snapped” that he “showered gifts on her.” “He bought her a mink coat and a diamond tennis bracelet.”

Dante affectionately dubbed him “Daddy Warbucks,” inspired by the wealthy guardian in “Little Orphan Annie.” Albeit, his grand gesture was not without conditions.

Dante explained to “Snapped” that “he came over and said I have another present for you.” It was a high-end Lexus car.

Dante elaborated, stating, “His intention was to transfer ownership to you upon the occasion of our union.”

Darryl and Dante Sutorius tied the knot after a brief four-month courtship in March 1995. Initially, friends admired the couple’s flawless union, but their happiness was temporary. Although Darryl was a successful individual, his financial obligations, which included alimony payments to his former spouse, college tuition fees for his children, and lavish spending to please his newly-wed wife, drained his bank account. He planned to spend an enormous $50,000 on his daughter’s wedding, which prompted a massive argument between everyone involved after Dante vetoed the idea.

The Sutorius couple’s frequent financial disagreements led to sleeping in separate rooms. In January 1996, they sought help from a marriage counselor recommended by a psychiatrist who was treating Darryl. As per Cincinnati Magazine, Darryl confided in the psychiatrist that Dante had repeatedly threatened him. She threatened to publicly claim his impotency, report him to the IRS for tax fraud, or harm his business by disclosing to physicians that he maintained an unclean work environment.

“She will kill me and get away with it,” he stated in therapy. He even informed a friend that if he died, it was Dante’s fault.

Darryl Sutorius, a doctor, was reported missing on February 19, 1996, when he didn’t show up for work and failed to inform his office about his absence. His worried office manager contacted the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department, who dispatched deputies to his residence. The doctor’s wife, Dante, admitted that his work schedule often kept him away for days, but allowed authorities to conduct a search of the house.

During the search of the garage, Dante proceeded to a basement room in urgent pursuit. A series of screams alerted the search party to investigate the source of the commotion. To their surprise and horror, they discovered Darryl Sutorius, lifeless and slumped on the couch. It appeared he inflicted a fatal gunshot wound to his own head.

Upon initial investigation, Darryl’s passing raised suspicions among investigators. A detective revealed on “Snapped” that the bullet wound appeared non-contact and followed an unusual path from rear to front for a possible suicide scenario. Furthermore, despite Darryl being deceased for some time, his partner Dante did not hear a gunshot. Adding to the perplexity, the gun allegedly used in the shooting had been recently acquired by Dante.

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