Paul Kern: The Man Who Did Not Sleep For 40 Years!

Paul Kern

Paul Kern was a Hungarian soldier who served on the frontlines during WWI, displaying unwavering bravery and resilience. However, his life took an unexpected turn in 1915 when a Russian bullet found its way into his head, forever altering his existence. Rushed to the renowned Lemberg Hospital for urgent treatment, Paul’s fate hung in the … Read more

Alyce Andrece cause of death

Alyce Andrece

Alyce Andrece, a remarkable and talented actress, graced the world with her presence on September 5, 1936, in the charming town of Thornton, Illinois. Born into a realm where dreams could come true, Alyce embarked on an extraordinary journey in pursuit of her passion for acting. With each role she embraced, she effortlessly captivated audiences … Read more

Kathie B. McGavin dies: Acted in Popular TV Series of 1950s, ‘60s, was 63

Kathie Browne

Kathie Browne McGavin, an actress for two decades who appeared in television series from “Gunsmoke” and “Perry Mason” to “Star Trek” and “The Love Boat,” has left behind a profound legacy. Despite facing numerous hurdles throughout her life, including surviving breast cancer, she defied the odds and pursued her passion with unwavering determination until the … Read more

Melanie Appleby cause of death

Melanie appleby

Mel Appleby, a talented and vibrant individual, graced the world with her presence on July 11, 1966 in the bustling neighborhood of Hackney, London. From an early age, it was evident that she possessed a magnetic charm and undeniable talent that would propel her towards greatness. Mel’s infectious energy and love for performing led her … Read more

Jermaine Stewart cause of death

Jermaine Stewart

Twenty-three years ago today, R&B singer Jermaine Stewart tragically succumbed to AIDS-related liver cancer at the tender age of 39. Despite his untimely departure, we cannot overlook the immense impact he had on 80s R&B and dance music. Born in Chicago, Jermaine’s journey began with humble roots but quickly blossomed into an extraordinary career. He … Read more

George Brent dies: Movie Actor, was 75

George Brent

George Brent, one of the prominent screen actors of the 1930’s and 40’s, was found dead Saturday night at his home in Solana Beach, Calif., a suburb of San Diego. A spokesman‐for the San Diego County Coroner’s Office said Mr. Brent, who was 75 years old and suffered from emphysema, had apparently died of natural … Read more

L. C. Barrow cause of death

L. C. Barrow

L.C. Barrow, the last surviving brother of Clyde and Buck Barrow, lived a life shadowed by the notorious exploits of his siblings. Born on August 13, 1913, in a small farmhouse near Midlothian, Texas, L.C. grew up in humble beginnings as one of six children to hardworking sharecroppers. As he came into adulthood during the … Read more